4 Greatest and Preferred Android Apps

670px-Block-Someone-on-Snapchat-Step-1Android may be the main system of intelligent, Tablets and Netbooks Mobile Phones. However, the current specification of Android is actually a robot, developed to look and resemble humans. Currently, the Android operating system is considered as the most commonly used are more than 33% of the smartphone market this year will be to discover its mobile operating system. This statistic tells us the complete story of the importance of the role of the Android phones are in human life play from day to day.

With more than 12 million lines of code, can android os on this phone “the integration of Java, XML, C, C ++ languages. Way additional and crazy product, Android with crossed Symbian, Blackberry OS in 2010 statistics are due this fact, the concentration now Android phones and now many officers alongwith private developers werewolf deeply perfectly in the development of embedded development Android applications for Android phone. Here are the best applications for Android must have Android phone.

Top 4 Best Android Apps

Next, the number of 4 best best paid games for Android applications Free Android and Paid All other time would. It is not necessary that it is worth individuals usually include the many applications in your best post of Android applications. This is to be focused mainly on the benefits and price they offer.

Phone Halo Protect:

Phone Halo Protect is our first choice in best Android applications on the phone section keeps track made it so that we recover the lost data protection. It consists of Bluetooth device: because it works if the phone is lost. The Global Positioning System to recover the material used. Some of the most important basic works of this application is to protect, locate and retrieve. This “may be a registration fee, or you can buy this application from the official website

Titanium Backup

The Titanium Backup is ultimate backup tool thatwill backup and restore all applications, data, market links and a different life gives your Android phone. Titanium Backup is paid in two along with the free version. Paid version you get faster experience and many reliable restore options. It costs about $ 5.99 and is not really a cheaper option for mobile backup. They are the status page for more details. It will also save all of your pics from snapchat for pc. The most effective Android had to download.

Nimbuzz for Android phones

Nimbuzz is a free instant messaging client Enables often made with our friends online Google Talk, Yahoo, Live Messenger, Skype, Facebook, AIM, Myspace and more talk. It allows us, status messages, see avatars, notifications and many other whenyour background run your friends who want to go online. It is a free application, always did what is the texture with mini computer in your hand. This is really a recommended tool for web freaks. Maybe you can download it here.

Last FavsPro application

Last FavsPro is a sectional Android program helps you clean up somewhere else in graphical form on your own Android phone. The use of this type of organization, the application not thay hard to have a good experience in June. This is the free Android apps that you download from the official website.


BBMVoice_3BlackBerry has launched a beta version of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the application store for Windows Phone.

While an early version of BlackBerry Messenger was available in closed beta on the Windows Phone Store, the application is now available to the general public, still in beta.

In essence, this first version of the messaging service for Windows Phone includes cats, but no free calls (with BBM Voice), strings (BBM Channels) that can take part in discussions on various themes, stickers (emoticons) and location sharing with contacts but arrive in a second time.

After iOS and Android, the mobile OS from Microsoft is the third external platform to host a BBM app to access the secure network messaging Canadian manufacturer.

Note that the iOS and Android versions have welcomed these missing features in Windows Phone release in February 2014 during an upgrade.

For now, BBM Chats, Groups and Feeds have been ported to this version, including BBM Groups offering the opportunity to meet up to 50 people. It is also possible to invite people via PIN (also possible depending on the drafts for iOS and Android) if you do not want to share his phone number (via sending an SMS) or e-mail and the application can be pinned to the home page of the phone menu.

Particularly worth noting that BlackBerry delivers a fully integrated application in Windows Phone operator user interface. We can talk about true native application for this version of BBM PC, something that contrasts with versions for iOS and Android have rather the aspect of BBM on BlackBerry mobile OS. Things should change, however, with changes coming to make all more integrated into their mobile platform BBM applications.

Out of favor with the public and large enterprise customers (BlackBerry smartphone sales fell 50% in the last quarter of 2013) and struggling to impose its BlackBerry OS 10 (the last quarter of 2013, 75% of BlackBerry handsets sold were not evolving in BB10), the Canadian manufacturer plays the card of its flagship services, BBM in mind. A strategy that crosses paths with Windows Phone mobile OS that can not possibly be ignored.

“As the popularity of BBM continues to grow, we are delighted to have the opportunity to expand its availability to the Windows Phone community,” said John Sims, President of BlackBerry Global Enterprise Services, in a statement. “The BBM app for Windows Phone demonstrates our commitment to support the cross-platform capabilities and we are excited to work with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform.”

You can Download BBM for Windows Here

Benchmark: 10 applications to test Android

Within a few years, smartphones have become veritable mini-laptops to the technical capabilities of increasingly sophisticated. The problem is that their prices have soared and that, given the proudly displayed by manufacturers, difficult for the average customer to know what is really worth its smartphone features. This is great, many applications of benchmark exist. Overview.

Epic Citadel:

Epic Games, a development studio well-known American gamers, has released an app on Android demo (“Epic Citadel”), which runs the famous Unreal Engine 3 graphics demo allows you to take a virtual stroll through the streets of a medieval castle to see what gives the engine Thurs But what interests us here is that it allows you to test your device via the “benchmark” option. After scrolling through a series of 3D images, the app shows you the number of frames per second means displayed on your device with the associated resolution. Very convenient to have a concrete idea (real) capabilities of your machine. Only problem, the app is a bit dated and suddenly, it does not grow into a corner the latest smartphones.
FPS Meter:

The direct measurement of the number of images displayed per second in a few years has become a very popular feature with “hardcore gamers.” In most cases, this allows video game enthusiasts to test the fluidity of a soft or compare the performance of multiple devices. An application offers you to test your Android device: FPS Meter. The program always shows the “frame rate” of your device, whether it be in the system for an app or a game. Specifically, a small green meter at the top left of the screen gives you the number of frames per second in real time. You can enable or disable it manually at any time via the notification bar. FPS requires that your smartphone is “Roote” to function.

AnTuTu Benchmark:

Certainly one of the most popular applications on mobile benchmark. AnTuTu tests both computational speed of CPU (processor makes turning your device), RAM in real situations (RAM), the GPU (graphics processor that can display images and animations) or yet the I / O performance (“input” / “oupout” or “entries” / “outputs”, ie data transfer with an external system as an SD card). The set is summarized with an overall score (eg 18,000 points). AnTuTu big advantage, you can compare the performance of your phone with other Android devices easily and see where the weaknesses and strengths of your smartphone are.

Download Chaturbate Hack here: http://chaturbatetokenhack2014.com/

Quadrant Standard Edition:

In addition to providing a wide range of information system on your device (such as OS version, the maximum frequency of the processor or the inactive memory), Quadrant Standard Edition allows for specific benchmarks to compare your device to the competition. A bit like the app AnTuTu, the program performs a battery of tests on several crucial points: / CPU, memory, I O, 2D and 3D graphics performance. Then Quadrant shows the score of your smartphone by comparing to other phones. Only problem, the app has not been updated for some time (the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not in the database, for example). So, it is reserved for those who have a rather old mobile.

3DMark :

With AnTuTu is another reference on mobile devices tests. It is used by all sites and blogs specialized to perform comparisons of graphics performance. The app works like Epic Citadel. The app turns synthetic images very computational intensive. She notes in real time the number of frames per second displayed on your terminal. Several tests are available depending on the maximum screen resolution you want to gauge your device. Strong point of the program, 3DMark is able to compare smartphones and tablets, they run on Android, iOS, or even Windows. So you can locate your machine performance over a wide range of competitors. Very handy for video game fans who are wondering what is the most powerful device.

Linpack :

Used for years in the PC world, the Linpack program also has its Android application. The app assesses the ability of calculating terminal in millions of floating point operations per second. Introduced by Jack Dongarra, this method allows a machine facing a series of equations (type ax = b) to resolve. The higher your device is fast, the better. Its results are compared to the smartphone competition.

Real Pi Benchmark:

Real Pi Benchmark is another calculation test. But it is based on an original concept: calculate as quickly as possible the famous number Pi at one decimal place (1000, 1 million, 1 billion, …). The number Pi is irrational effect. Therefore, it can not be reduced to a fraction between two numbers (e.g. 1/3) and is not finished, or periodic. The advantage is that this method will be even more compelling in years, even though smartphones make new technological leaps. To test your device, you can also try to find a series of digits that match your birth date or some famous sequences as the point of Feynman (six 9 following the 762nd decimal place of Pi).

Real Racing 3 will be free launch scheduled on Feb. 28

The highly anticipated Real Racing 3 for pc will be launched on iPhone , iPad and Android on February 28. Notably: it will be free.

The Real Racing series has established itself as THE series of self forward on mobile sim. His third component will be launched shortly, February 28 to be precise. Pushing the limits of graphics terminals iPad Apps, iOS and Android (at least, one imagines, given what we’ve seen so far the app!), it will work on the principle of freemium. which means it will be free Whoever can the download without paying a single cent.

However, it will come with many premium content that you can unlock by removing the credit card. These elements could probably help you advance faster in the game, to have a garage plus provided, etc. Needless to delude ourselves: Electronic Arts, the game publisher, relies on the goodwill of gamers to play the game! Mind you, Firemonkeys, the developer of Real Racing 3, promises more than 900 events to go, and 600 hours of gameplay. It only asks to see!

For comparison, Real Racing 2 is currently sold € 4.49 on the App Store


Turn your iDevice into a surveillance monitor with FaceTime Surveillance. This tweak simply allows you to automatically answer an incoming call FaceTime on your iDevice. Updated for iOS 5.0.1 and 5.1 compatibility tweak recently

From your computer and with FaceTime software, you can call your iDevice, it will automatically answer and will enable you to use and see what happens to the camera of your iDevice.

You need to enable FaceTime service on your iDevice in the Settings menu.

After installing this tweak, you can enable / disable the automatic response when you receive a FaceTime call.

Minion Rush Guide

imagesMinion Rush stormed at No. 1 of the App Store. The new endless runner from Gameloft for iPhone, iPad and iPod App Store and Android Phones Play Google has done it within three days. Congratulations, Gameloft. We had you the endless runner who also serves as a promotion for the movie, already presented. In a nutshell it’s about to compete with other small Minions, to please the boss Gru. Who does it best, is Minion of the year. Hurrah. So the game is thus a typical runner Temple Run like 2 or Subway Surfers. This article is our guide to the lovely game.

Minion Rush Tips and Tricks

The endless runner so runs along a route should, with no obstacles collide and collect the power ups and all the bananas. Question: Why the hell it must always be bananas? No matter further. The bananas you can trade in-game shop to upgrades, costumes and even minions. In other words, the bananas are thus the in-game currency. We play the game for days and now have some Minion Rush cheats, tips and tricks.

Despicable factor

The Despicable factor can be drilled only through play. Successful missions and Incorrigible deeds in the race let him rise.

Gru brands and bananas

Gru bananas and brands are the in-game currencies represents the Gru brands you can watch earn through daily tasks and the Langerringen of trophies. Even placements give the coveted brands.

Top 1000-150 brands
Top 100-750 brands
Top 10-1250 brands

The bananas lying around not just in the way, but wait in hidden banana hiding on you. So you should look when running everywhere.

Vector and Meena, small raid bosses

At the end waiting Gru, that is clear. But in the game appear again and again on Vector and Meena, smaller bosses. Not quite as dangerous, but really annoying. Vector poses with drones after you. Deviates from the great gizmos and click on the little ones, the so throwing them back. Three hits and vectors from skin.

Tips – Important Tools

The game offers plenty of extras that you can unlock your against bananas and also with in-apps. Holt you definitely quite quickly the banana suckers.

Minion Rush codes

When Minion Rush you can redeem codes. Go to Options – Redeem Code.

Hawaii, Old Man, Fire
-> 5x Banana Extras

Baby, Fire, Housekeeper
-> 5x Banana Extras

Housekeeper, Hawaii, Baby
-> 5x points extras

Baby, Hawaii, Golf
-> 5x points extras

Firefighter, golfers, Normalo
-> Kung Fu gibe

Baby, Firefighter, Hawaii
-> Referees

Golfers, baby, father
-> Laughter gibe

On the subject

Despicable Me: Minion Rush has received as one of the best endless runner in the stores numerous articles on AppGamers. The following overview you find all links to the article.

Should you friends of Minion Rush looking for, you simply click through the products. Since many players are waiting for you.


If you want any more minion rush cheats, you can find a full list here: http://www.officetweaks.com/cheats/minion-rush-cheats-hack-tips/